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ENDURO Timing provides an affordable electronic timing solution for schools and organizations in Oklahoma and neighboring states. ENDURO Timing includes the free use of ENDURO USA (for efficient on-line entries), at no additional cost. (Requests for multiple finish lines must be made at least 21 days in advance.) As you decide on a timing option, please read the "Host Responsibilities" document, which must be agreed to by the host before the timing date can be added to the ENDURO Timing™ schedule. If the host organization confirms a timing date, that also confirms the host organization has read and agrees to perform all of the related Host Responsibilities. Failure to perform all host responsibilities can result in cancellation of the agreed timing service(s) and therefore releases ENDURO Timing Services and Timing Coordinator of all responsibilities and liabilities resulting from the cancellation of services. For additional details, please click on the desired link(s) below: Cara Branson (President) 405-570-2010 (cell)
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